This website is maintained by the International Sikh Martial Art Academy (ISMAA) which is a registered apex organisation in India. It is fully dedicated for the conservation and promotion of Sikh martial art and the games blessed and nurtured by our revered Gurus as an intangible heritage so as to blossom these unfettered and unhindered across the globe.
ISMAA had ventured in to preserve, promote and reinvigorate this time tested Sikh martial art Gatka and other sports propagated by Sikh gurus that included Gatka, Archery, Shooting, Horse Riding, Neja (Javelin), Desi Kushti (Wrestling) etc. The office bearers of Academy envisions and endeavours to preserve this rich legacy handed down from our past to the coming generations.
To conserve, perpetuate and disseminate the rich legacy of Sikh sports and popularise these games across the world, ISMAA is organising Virsa Sambhal Garka tournaments, demonstrations, competitions, training camps and seminars to create awareness among the masses. Various Gatka Akharas from India and abroad have been associated with the Academy as members. The Academy had already got affiliated with World Gatka Federation and Gatka Federation of India.
The Gatka is an ancient and traditional Sikh martial art for self-defence since time immemorial. It is a style of fighting between two or more persons with wooden sticks, intended to simulate the sword and focuses on infusing physical, spiritual and mental fitness.
Let us join the crusade and support the social cause for the promotion and conservation of Sikh martial art Gatka having a historical importance and as a contribution to human and social development of our community.